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Double Torus

$5,400.00 / Sold Out

If you are interested please contact me directly at woodbytoth@gmail.com

This Segmented Double Torus is made in Bubinga. Its made of 2016 pieces. I turned two donut shaped rings on the lathe and then cut them in half with the table saw. The large torus has 112 segmented, with 12 pieces in each rings that are all tapered to 3.2º for a total of 1344 pieces. the smaller torus is a little less than half the size but I didn't want the size of the pieces to change so there are half as many segmented rings (56) that are all tapered to 6.4º. This makes for a total of 672 pieces in the smaller torus. In total there are 2016 pieces which represents the year that it was made. The whole process took about 100+ hours to build. It is finished in Formbys Tung oil and then buffed. It stands about 19 inches tall with out the base and about 22.5 inches tall by 4.5 wide inches with the base.

If you want to know anything else let me know